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The Accomplice

An ambitious young politico wangles a dream job, only to slide into a deadly ethical morass.

Smarting over a recent gubernatorial campaign in which he may have cost his boss the race, Henry Hatten is concerned about becoming a political has-been. But he catches a break when he lands a job as communications director for Nebraska Senator Tom Peele’s presidential campaign. As the campaign progresses, however, Henry finds himself involved in dealings so dirty, even a potential spot in the White House might not justify the means. In a world in which campaigns are won in the margins, pushing players to the very edge, how do you avoid sliding over and damning yourself?

The U.S. Senate

Written with former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, a primer on how the U.S. Senate works. Published 2013 by Thomas Dunne Books / St. Martin's Press.


"The authors cover a wide range of topics. . . Primarily intended for high school seniors and college freshmen, but also a useful primer for a broader audience. . . "

-- Kirkus Reviews


Life Among the Cannibals

Sen. Arlen Specter offers a riveting first-hand account of the rise of political extremism, showing how the fringes have embarked on a cannibalistic crusade to purge moderates, and how the quest for ideological purity is bringing government to a standstill.


"A highly readable battle cry from the moderate center."

Kirkus Reviews

Passion for Truth

With Sen. Arlen Specter.  Sen. Specter devised the Single-Bullet Theory on President Kennedy's assassination; derailed Judge Robert Bork’s Supreme Court nomination; and played a key role in President Clinton’s impeachment.  This book analyzes those and other controversies, naming names and showing where the system succeeded or failed.

Hardcover published 2000 by Morrow / HarperCollins, Paperback 2001 by Harper Perennial.
"An insider's perspective on vital, debatable, historic terrain."

The New York Times